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Traffic Master is a group of industry leading professionals hyper focused on lead generation, managing that data and building unique techniques to help our customers close more deals and ultimately grow their businesses. We strive to provide an environment where everyone involoved in our process from our customers and clients, to our employees and end users have a pleasant experience when dealing with us. We pride ourselves on professionalism, loyalty, honesty and integrity and will only work with others who fit that mold.


With Solid annual growth and products and services second to none, Traffic Masters has proven we are a mainstay in our industry.


With over 50 years of combined experience with our top level managers, it is guaranteed that professionalism is what we do.


From customers, partners, clients and employees, Traffic Masters provides top notch services with exceptional relationships.

Services Offered

  • CPA Network
    • At Traffic Masters we are confident that our top performing offers will generate the revenue you need to keep growing. Whether you're looking for a certain offer or something new, our affiliate managers will help you to acheive your goals. Good traffic quality will qualify you for weekly payments at a $100 minimum. Don't hesitate to sign up and start earning today!
  • Lead Generation
    • Online users are the highest quality lead, ready to be engaged and monetized. Our live lead generation and management is a very effective way to sell to someone visiting your website. We drive your web visitors to a live chat service with a salesperson ready to push your offers. This is all possible without hiring and training employees or acquiring expensive equipment and software. That is where we come in, with professional training centers, employees and equipment in place. We offer a hands-free way to create high end revenue through the live leads you have on your website right now!
  • Data Management
    • Most companies do not realize the significant potential earnings present in their user database. There are many obstacles that keep companies from monetizing their data. Some lack the time to implement all the software required. Others do not have the relationships to acquire offers suitable for their users. Traffic Masters is the solution! With 15 years experience in profitable data management and a robust mailer network, there is no better option. Our marketing funnel involves a large network of data brokers and targeted data buyers. Through this network, we can drive the highest revenue per record in any vertical!
  • Email Services Management
    • An effective way to engage your users is through their registration email address. These email addresses are ready for interaction but utilizing proper Opt-in methods is critical. With proper segmentation of your users, targeted intelligent marketing can drive significant revenue for you. Once the Opt-in process is perfected, our Email Service Management Team will acquire an ESP (Email Service Provider) account for you. Then we manage the offer rotations and the email software while your watch the money roll in!
  • Email Hygiene and Verification Services
    • An email address is your first line of communication with a customer. Therefore, you want to make sure you always reach them. Making mistakes, providing fake emails, and changing emails over time are common occurences or your prospects. This can negatively effect your business by going to spam folders, getting banned by ESP's and being labeled a spammer leading to revenue loss. Which is why our data is scrubbed for hygiene and verification, increasing your revenue.
  • IP Rotation Software & CPC Bidding Systems
    • IP rotation is always important for the best results. With the outgoing IP address constantly changing, destination restrictions are lifted and ultimately revenue is increased. The main strategies that should be implemented are: Pre-Configured IPs - which rotate at minute intervals, Random IPs - picked from a pool and randomly rotate, Burst IPs - rotated as per specified number of hits, and Specific IPs - choosing which IP address to use for the outgoing connection.
    • At Traffic Masters, we understand how to leverage CPC bidding so you get the most out of your bid. You shouldn't get carried away bidding too high just because you think your product will convert. Using the right category to focus on is a major factor. The main objective is finding that sweet spot where your bid allows you to pay the lowest amoutn per click for the highest amount of profit.
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    • If You have any questions or comments about these Terms or the Service, please contact us at

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